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Beat the Weeds Organic Based Lawn Care
More Organics, Less Pesticides.
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More Than 25 Years of Experience

About Beat the Weeds


Who We Are

Beautify your yard with results-oriented organic based lawn care and fertilizing by Beat The Weeds Organic Based Lawn Care in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Focused on using more organics and less pesticide, we use the highest-quality organic fertilizers in the industry. We focus on the chemistry of the soil by adjusting the soil pH to optimum levels for fertilizer efficiency. Incorporating compost tea into our lawn care helps promote life in the soil. Find out more about our lawn applications by contacting us at (610) 361-8585 today.

Established in 1989, Beat The Weeds Organic Based Lawn Care is a local, certified, professional organic lawn care company serving residential and commercial properties in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, as well as Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. We are also licensed and insured for your protection.

Experience You Can Trust

Our experienced technicians offer a wealth of experience and expertise when caring for your lawn. They are fully trained and have passed the Department of Agriculture tests necessary to become state-certified pesticide applicators. We guarantee knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt service.

More Organics, Fewer Pesticides

Focusing on more organic based approaches, Beat The Weeds Organic Based Lawn Care reduces the amount of pesticides used by up to 50%. This allows us to create a healthy, alive functioning soil—an environment that grass thrives in. We incorporate the use of compost tea to bring life and nutrients to the grass.

Our goal is to always deliver fantastic results!
Contact us in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, to find out more about our organic lawn care approaches.
Employment Opportunity - Please call us at 610-361-8585 and ask us for details!